In order to achieve the project objective, of establishing carbon reinforced concrete as a new construction material, areas of expertise extending beyond classic construction must be involved. The main areas of industry and science required for this are: chemistry, mechanical engineering, carbon reinforcement, processors/users, materials (concrete), engineering and electrical engineering, health, training and continued vocational and professional development and recycling.

These are converted into networks in the cooperation of companies, science partners, professional and industry associations through joint projects, in order to set up an intersectoral value-added chain by 2021. The partners already represent the targeted intersectoral and transsectoral value-adding structures in the projects.

Structures of the future – new types of bridges, multi-storey buildings, industrial buildings – as well as repair and strengthening of existing structures are defined as application targets of carbon reinforced concrete within the C³ project. The aim is to lead these applications to an integral construction method, which units the load-bearing structure, the enveloping structure and technical intelligence through only one material. This leads to long-lasting constructions with higher efficiency and saves costs, material and time.

Overview of the networking of all C³ projects:

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Project B – basic topics

Project E – C³ quality assurance

Project V1 – Dismantling market entry barriers

Project V2 – Technology implementation

Project V3 – Applications

Project V4 – Individual topics

Project L – Closing the gap

Project V-I – Invention topics

Project W – C³ cost efficiency

Analysis of the C³ value-added chain